Cheaper quicker lpn to bsn programs?

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    Hi everyone!

    This is my first post so don't judge me too hard I am about to graduate my LVN program in CA (Northwest College - Riverside) and am really interested in learning about LVN to BSN bridge programs. Since the school I'm going to is a trade school it was pretty expensive (29,000) and I wanted some information for some cheaper options. I don't mind moving to another state to complete my degree, I just want something that doesn't take a year to get into! It seems like all the CSU's and UC's here have a very long wait list and I really just wanna get started so I don't lose motivation. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!!

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    California is like the second most expensive state to attend a bridge program. I was quoted 68,000 for the RN program at Everest in Ontario, CA. Checked Ohio which is my home state, found an RN school for 18,000 and will graduate 6 months sooner. Do your homework!
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    Try Phoenix also
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    Unless you are content with an ADN, go to community college. Otherwise, there really is no cheaper quicker way to get your BSN. I just finished Univ. of Phoenix's LPN-BSN program, I did my LPN at a CC and paid out of pocket for it. I always say too bad we can't get a BSN at a community college. Be careful for the scams out there, too! Really do your research!

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