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Just wondering what everyone's grading scale is like in school? Ours is: 94-100 A 85-93 B 75-82 C Below is failing.... Read More

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    Quote from JustBeachyNurse
    If I recall correctly, 93-100A,
    83-92 B, 75-82 C anything less than 75% was a failure.
    Just started school today, our grading scale is the same as this one.

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    93-100=A; 85-92=B and 78-84=C. Below 78 is failing.
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    A= 100 to 93
    B= 92 to 84
    C= 83 to 76
    anything below a 76 is failing

    I would say, yes the scale is harder but it for the best. It means that all nurses out there are pretty much A or B students. I wouldn't want one that was "average" or below average.
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    94 -100 a
    93 - 87 b
    86 -80 c anything below 80 is a failing grade
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    90-100 A
    80-89 B

    anything below an 80 is FAILING

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