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  1. Hello,
    Im Arianna, Im not sure if anyone has posted about Wilson Tech before and i apologize if soemone has and i couldnt find it.

    Has anyone attented the accelerated day program?
    I just got accepted into the program starting in March 2009,
    well i passed the test and now am onto the interview.
    Did anyone get to the this point?How was the interview?Was it stressful or pleasant? If you get the interview, are you basically into the program?Im so nervous im going to mess up the interview. I did a few practice interviews with my mom and boyfriend. I know the program is going to be very hectic and stressful, but im more nervous about getting in. My interview is for Nov. 18th.
    When in the program,is taking college coruses kind of a plus,?I attended SCCC for honors english comp and math classes while i was waiting to hear about the nursing program.

    I hope i get in so badly,i have wanted this for so long.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    Please,id really appreciate it.
    Thank you,
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  3. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    I am in the program right now.
    If you interview you are not guarented a spot.
    You interview and write an essay, then you get a letter saying if you are in or not.
    It is a very fast passed program, so be ready not to have a life of 13 months
    Good Luck
  4. by   ariannas90
    Did in the interview,did they ask u the usual, why do you want to be a nurse, what do nurses do? sorry if im being annoying i just hope to get in and am trying to do everything to get in by preparing.
  5. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    there were like 10 or so questions. I don't really remember, but it was not bad at all, be yourself and relax.
    Good luck