Very depressed

  1. I feel so disappointed at myself. I failed the first unit of A&P with a 71(75 is passing). I studied for over eight hours for the last test and I still failed. I have five other units left to improve my average but my confidence at this point is ruined. the hardest part for me is retaining and memorizing all of the information. I study for three to four hours straight I still don't remember a thing. I really need advice.
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  3. by   STU4ADN
    Are you speaking about the anatomy & physiology class? Well, if thats what your talking about, i can tell you some things that worked for me. It all really depends on your instructor. My instructor would give us the notes that highlighted the most important things of a chapter & his notes would basically come from that. I would review them after lecture & before lecture and anytime in between. This repetition helped me retain the information better. Don't study for very long periods without a break because you won't remember much. So if your studying for an hour maybe take like a 20 min break or so. Use the books website. Some books will even give you power points or quizes or videos you can watch to help you out. Sit somewhere quiet and go over and over your things. You can memorize trust me I've memorized my hole notes for that class! You have more opportunities to pass! Use your instructor! You can do it!I passed my a&p anatomy class with a c but got back on track and passed the a&p physiology part with an A!
  4. by   alex89
    I found out that the best way to learn is to pretend you are teaching someone else. Might sound ridiculous but give it a try.
  5. by   DreamyEyes
    I agree with Alex. Every test that I've aced was when I pretended to teach the material to someone else - the info really sticks into your brain that way.