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    Hi all,

    Today was supposed to be my first day of nursing school but an ice storm delayed us. My heavy heavy backpack is all ready to go and I guess I'll try again tomorrow. I'm excited. Anyone else here from that class?
    New in NY
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    I'm also a BOCES student. It's a tough program but the instructors are great and you will learn A LOT. Study hard and good luck.
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    I'm so glad someone finally responded! Are you are current student? Which class? I'm doing great so far, but it very hard and going so fast. I do like the instructors. TTYS...
    New in NY
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    Good Luck, I go to Western Suffolk BOCES on Long Island
    I am in the full time 13 month program
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    HI I WILL BE STARTING THIS PROGRAM IN MARCH. How did it go for you?? Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Can you email me at pjfit107@aol.com as i am new to the board and not that great at navigating it yet. THanks = )
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    I didn't know they had a March start date? It's going very well for me so far, but I do study constantly, probably 4 hours a day outside of class. Plus I study while I eat, and go to the lab every day after class. It's not easy. And I'm a college grad! SO get ready to wrok hard, but I love it! We start clinicals on the 26th and I'm psyched! Good luck
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    I am going to BOCES Northport. which one are you in?? when did you start?? I know its not going to be easy...i went to college too but never 8 hours a day!!Looking forward to it thought and very excited!!!! All the best
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    there is no March start date at Ulster BOCES, maybe you mean another BOCES?