Torn between two nursing shoes. Which one? Torn between two nursing shoes. Which one? | allnurses

Torn between two nursing shoes. Which one?

  1. 0 Since I need a to make a decision very soon and my other thread isn't getting nay replies I'll try here.

    I need shoes for clinicals and I've narrowed them down to two from this website called Nursemates. Here they are:

    like the style of the second one better,but the first link has all these extra goodies made into the shoe that the second link doesn't have. What to do lol.
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    Well, I personally bought a pair of $20 shoes from Walmart when I was in a hurry to get some haha. I kind of like the first pair, but that's only by glance. Personally I like the second pairs price better though lol.
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    I like the first ones better
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    I'd go for the second pair -- they will be much easier to clean and keep white than the first pair. My classmates' shoes with fabric on them always look dingier than those of us with clog style that can be cleaned easily.
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    I used to have a pair of nurse mates and honestly they are not much different than a pair of sketchers or nikes. The most comfortable nursing shoes I have ever owned are my Dansko clogs. They are not cheap but they last forever as I have had mine for 7 years now and they are still comfy. Another really comfortable yet expensive are my SAS shoes but they didn't last near as long as my Danskos. However if you have your heart set on the nursemates, like I did when I bought them, I would go with the first pair.
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    My advice is, whatever shoes you do buy, wear them around your house for one full day with the socks you's use with them. It's all well and good to try on a pair in the store and they feel all great and cushy, but you don't know how your feet will react tto them until you wear them for several hours at a time. I bought a pair of Cherokee Transcends nursing clogs at a scrubs store in my town, and they felt fabulous- very cushiony. So I took them home and really meant to wear them around for a full day of housework and being on my feet, but I didn't get around to it. My first day wearing them for clinicals, I found I hated them because they were TOO soft- the heels compressed so readily and were so mushy that they're like walking in sand all day and it wears out my legs like nobody's business! But now I have to wait til I get my spring financial aid dispersement to buy new shoes.

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