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Huhhhhhh!!!! I'm in the waiting period guys....I'm waiting to see if I am going to be admitted into ttcm for the jan.2013 lpn class. This is stressing me out...I'm on pins and needles waiting by the mail box everyday for an... Read More

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    Quote from pokeme25
    I am still waiting but today I have come up with a plan!!! I am going to call the school nursing department and act like I forgot how long they said it would be until they mail out acceptance letters! Then I'm going to try and ask the assistant have they already selected candidates for the program and if so did I make the cut!!!! Hope this works guys!!!!
    I did that last week! The lady was so rude to me! Told me to 'sit tight' and 'be patient'. Told me they would mail them out this week. Been checking for the mailman like a hawk and still nothing.

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    Wow...she must have been having a bad day...well at least you can ease up on your mailman...when I finally got through to someone in the office...the woman seemed to be playing a guessing game with the mailing date and just picked one ...and then said the letters should be out one day this month!!! Smh
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    @ ANewMe2012...what is going on up there??? Lol. I talked to one woman in the nursing department and she seemed so confused...I guess I'm just being to anxious.
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    Congrats on your acceptance! Glad your waiting game is over!
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    I am waiting as well. I am trying to wait until after Thanksgiving to start pestering the Nursing Dept since they said it would be AT LEAST 4 weeks from November 1.
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    @ tflowers34907- What school did you apply for?
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    YES!!!!!!!!! I don't find out until Feb.!!

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