1. 1 Is studying 6 hours a day on and off abnormal, I find myself reading a&p chapters over n over to grasp, its so much to read,there is no way all of this can be on an exam.This is my first week and we missed 2 classes due to the horrible snowstorm,am I over working my brain,its so much I just want to scream,but absolutely love this nursing school experience.I want this so bad and I not giving up.
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    I remember one of my clinical instructors telling me that a brain can't handle more than five hours of studying in one day. So I would try to stick to that with short breaks every hour or so. This worked for me on days I didn't have school or work. Also, have you tried reading and taking notes so the material is in your own words? That seemed to help me as well.
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    For every hour you study take a 15 minute break to stretch and get some water. I remember my micro professor encouraged us to take breaks often. You cannot retain anything if you don't take care of the brain and body you have.
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    I think that is a lot to study 1 subject in one day. I try to make sure I understand the concepts before leaving class. I ask plenty of questions during class and then review it a couple of times a week. I study extra the couple of days before a test. I must be doing something right, I got an A on my test yesterday!!
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    I like to go to the gym and study. I also burn extra calories while I study. So that is a plus Plus it's a stress reliever.
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    We all study best in one hour blocks. After one hour take a break go for a walk go out and get a coffee. You need to get away from your study environment and give your mind a rest. If you do something physical it is even better then you are exercising your mind as well as your body. It is working great for me. Good luck in your studies!
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    i depends if it works for u then keep doing it if not try something else. but like what ppl r saying here most of us study in 1 hr blocks. i myself like to study and read for 30 mins and take 45 mins-1hr breaks lol nursing itself is supposed to be easy and straightforward in my opinion but for some reason instructors always want to complicate things and stress u out.

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