Study Tips, Please?

  1. Does anyone have any studying tips that really seemed to help? I could especially use tips for studying A+P. I can't bring myself to understand that subject at ALL.
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  3. by   ejm123
    Utilize websites online. A few people here gave me links to various websites. YouTube helps a lot. I even take notes from YouTube. Also talking to someone about it and explaining how things works helps me!
  4. by   leenie45
    Try using the dvd's that accompany the book, if your book doesnt have that that, it would be wise to invest in a dvd. It makes it easier when you can visualize what you are reading. it really helped me, I am not great with A&P either, but I managed to get a B in this class in LPN school. Also a book called Anatomy and Physiology for dummies, it breaks things down into more simplistic terms. There are plenty of websites that will also help, just google what you are looking for. Read a little at a time so you understand what you are reading, and are not overwhelmed. Good luck!
  5. by   IndyElmer
    Are you struggling more with the physiology part of anatomy and physiology? (Not so much the identification of parts and positional relationships of said parts which I would consider the anatomy part?)
  6. by   LunaPuma
    Thanks everyone for the tips! I'll definitely try all of those.

    IndyElmer, It's the functions that I'm having trouble with. I know WHERE the things are located and what they LOOK like, but what they DO is what gets me. Another thing that seems to be a problem is I'll study and know it all, but I've become a bad test taker. :/
  7. by   Amber628
    i feel your pain. A&P was so hard for me at first. Heres a few tips

    1. I am not a big person for study groups because I work ALOT. There was a group of us [4 people] who would each pick a chapter from the book that we were on, or if it was a big chapter split it between two people and make flashcards and quizzes on ALSO we would outline the chapter. ITS MUCH EASIER IF YOU HAVE AN EXAM OF CHAPTERS 12,13,14,&15 to split between a few people then to do it all yourself. IT worked wonders for my grades because we would have the outlines, flashcards and practice quizzes from quizlet. THEY ALSO HAVE AN APP FOR IPHONES AND ANDROIDS =]

    2. USE websites to find mnemonics or find different ways to think of things. A very basic example is learning the parts of a cell and comparing them. IE - The nucleus is the "control center" of the cell. comparisons ALWAYS helped me.


    4. Read the chapter in SECTIONS. Dont try to sit for 3 hours and read the chapter and comphrend it. it DOESNT work for 90% of us.;; what i would do is read thru the whole chapter quickly BEFORE class, not focusing TOO much on comprehension. Then i would go to class and take notes from the power point and what my teacher said THEN go home and do my outlines and quizlet.

    AFTER AWHILE I GOT THE HANG OF IT. It isnt easy, and its ALOT of reading and writing.
    bEST OF LUCK TO YOU! i worked 7 days a week during my first quarter of LPN school and i PASSED!