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Stressing Out!!!

  1. 0 I have one month til my graduation!!!! Woot woot! Finally!! But I am seriously stressing out about NCLEX! Any study tips or recommendations anybody can offer!!! Please!
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    I graduate in two months. I was told not to worry its not as bad. Being human I can't help but to. What are you taking right now?
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    I too only have two months left in lpn program....I hear great stories hurst review...saunders...nclex 3500 also. I have to pass hesi exit first.
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    I have to pass ATI predictor with a 90% to pass if we don't we have to do virtual ATI. Our pass rate is 100% so I am going to pass because I know I can do it. God wouldn't bring me this far to leave me. We will pass I will keep you'll in my prayers...
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    Mznelly, right now I'm studying Saunders. & my program is the same. My professor just told me last week I need a 90% in my ATI Predictor if not I need the Virtual. Amen! I think the same as you, God wouldn't bring me this far for nothing. As human nature like you say, I can't help but to stress. God Bless will also be praying for you!! What have u been studying?
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    Saunders and that PN 3000 free website I saw someone post.
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    our program is also a 100% pass rate and won't let us sit for the exam unless we have gotten the green light from our predictors test and ATI. Advice from those who've already passed has been review review review questions everyday for at least a few hours and DON'T cram the night before. Get a good amount of sleep, show up early & stay calm you've made it thus far!