Starting a evening/weekend nursing program

  1. Hi all,

    I am a working adult living in San Francisco BayArea. I've been wanting to go to nursing school since 2000 but can never make it due to many obligations and schedule. I've been taking many prerequisite courses like AP, psychology, nutrition ...from local community colleges. I've been admitted twice to local ADN programs but could not make make them neither.

    What I've been searching for is a part-time program that one can attend twice a week in the evening, and one day over the weekend for a couple of years to get the initial LVN license. After that there are many opportunities for BSN, RN or higher if so desire. There are many local evening programs, and they go for five evening per week and cost a lot. There are also out-of-state distance learning or blended learning, but California does not approve any of them. There are programs in New York City and Dallas, but none in California.

    I am thinking there must be someone out there who needs to do the same thing. There must be a market in the area for working adults who desire to get into nursing but have limited time and financial resources.

    Anyone here on the same thoughts that want to pool some resources to start a part-time nursing school to meet this demand? Please inbox me. Inbox me also if you would want to attend such school. It won't be easy and we won't want to start or attend a shady school neither ... but let's see if we can create such a school and it would cost less than 20k for the LVN license. Maybe we can start it as a project on this board.

    I am not sure if it would violate the board policy to post my email and phone here, so please inbox me. We can then exchange contact info.

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  3. by   VioletKaliLPN
    Are you stating that you want to open a school?

    Actual Nursing programs require so many requirements to even offer a legitimate, board of nursing program. You cannot simply buy a building and put a sign up, and hope for the best. You are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hiring MSN prepared Nurse educators, etc.

    I believe you need to focus on finding time for Nursing school, and keep applying.

    As a side note I paid 4,000 for my LPN program at a community college.
  4. by   nuocmua
    Thanks VioletKaliLPN,

    Of course it is not easy, and it's going to cost too. Yes, community colleges in California are best value for the money, and quality of instruction. I just hope they have the authority to offer non-subsidized courses in the evening or weekend. Many community colleges now probably have idle facilities as there is no funding to offer courses.

    It's just an idea. Maybe there are enough people out there interested in starting something. Maybe there are people out there know something with running a school, managing the accreditation process, teaching a couple of courses, raising money, or partnering with hospitals for externship ...

    Of course I will keep trying on my own. It's not rush but just searching for the right conditions.

  5. by   VioletKaliLPN
    even part time programs are incredibly rigorous. we have a few pt evening and weekend programs which require students to sign paperwork stating they will not work more than 16 hours a week.

    there is a myth that p/t programs are made for full time workers. they are designed for people who need to work, but certainly it is difficult nonetheless.