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So I start LPN school Feb 2013. I'm in an 18 month evening program set to complete Fall 2014. I'm nervous and overjoyed at the same time. This is a second career for me, but I feel like I did starting school the first time!! All... Read More

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    I start January 7 th. I'm a nervous reck. I'm brushing up on a&p. Good luck to everyone.
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    I will also be starting in the Spring Jan 2013....our program is 12 months. Already have my books, uniforms, and supplies, I'm just tired of waiting to start now lol
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    my lpn course is divided into 5 blocks with block 1 being the prereqs (cna, med term, a&p, cpr). i'm in block 1 now and i start block 2, which is the official program start, in march 2013. it's a 12 month program so i'll finish in march 2014. i'm loving it so far and i'm really excited about where it's taking me, but my god i am so tired. trying to do full-time school and work and spend time with my husband and our 2-year-old means i'm dying for more hours in the day...i'm only sleeping about three or four hours a night once i get home from work and finish homework. thankfully i have great instructors who give lots of detailed handouts and study guides.
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    I start Jan 2013. My program is 16 months. I am beyond excited to start, It's also a second career for me.
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    Hello all!I am currently in the LPN program FT days, and it's a 12 month course. Which is broken up into semesters. I eat, sleep, live and breath studying!!!! It's seriously no joke how intense this program is. I will suggest that if you have no medical background and have your texts start looking at them. Our class started with 60 student in first quarter we are now down to 25. I'm in sec one quarter now (life span, pharmacology, funds 2) pharmacology is kicking my behind! I usually study between 3-5 hours a night and at least 8 on the weekends. Get mobile aps for your phone and study anywhere and everywhere you go. Especially NCLEX style questions. Set up a schedule for yourself and try to stick to it. I got re-acquainted with my local library and it was the best thing I did!!!! Sometimes I'll go to B&N if I'm tired (they have coffee) lolI wish each and everyone success in your nursing career!
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    I start in Jan 2013 and I'm nervous but excited!! It's a 13 month program.
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    I start the Dalton State College LPN program in January 2013 as well! I am excited for this opportunity. Should take 16-18 months to complete.
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    Starting in Jan at Monroe College , hoping all goes all... Best of luck to everyone!!
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    Hey guys I start a full time 12 month program in Philly (Lincoln Tech), in March 2013...super excited and nervous!! Good luck everyone
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    I start the Practical Nursing program at Albany Technical College on Jan 7th 2013!! I will graduate Fall 2014 I just have to work hard to get there. I finished medical assisting too but they done pay anywhere near as good as they do LPNs. ha lol The first Dr. Office I had an interview for offered me 8.55 an hr. lol best of luck to everyone who starts in spring of 2013, see you at the finish line!!!!!

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