Pre-Lvn Class?

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    Have any of you experienced this? My hopes are to get in to Downey Adult School's LVN program. I tested in February, and was accepted in to their 5 week Pre-Lvn course. From the 60 that take this class 30 are chosen to move on to the actual year long program. I tried looking on the site for a course description, but it doesn't go in to detail what we will be covering.

    Have any of you had this sort of thing happen? And if so what were the materials that were covered? I guess I will find out Wednesday when I start, but I just wanted to get a head start lol. Kind of an over achiever, but mainly just want to make sure I'm one of the 30 that get to move on. Any insight would be great. Thanks

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    Hurst Review helped me pass the nclex.

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