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  1. 0 What's the best way to study its so much info?
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    something that helped me was learning the classes of drugs first, them worry about major particular ones. as you learn separate systems, you will learn specifics on how those types of drugs work, what is contraindicated, s/s of adverse reactions, etc. and even then, it will not all stick. as you do clinicals you learn the meds you deal with most. if you learn the generic names, they mostly all have similarities. ex, beta blockers all end in "lol", ACEIs all end in "pril", and so forth. dont stress too bad, it will all come together towards the end.
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    People always say start a study group. I got mediquick flash cards they are helpful!! I want to start a pharm class group on facebook!!
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    I would highly suggest forming a study group with some classmates or use flashcards. Reading from your book or notes can be very boring, and for me it makes information harder to retain.
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    @Tim92 have you finished pharm?? And did you start out learning classifications?