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  1. 0 I start school real soon. I have heard that Pharacology is a doozie . Is there anything I can read, do, see, find, take, swallow or smoke (jk) to prepare for this class? Thanks for the input!
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    I'm in the same boat as you at the moment. Starting pharmacology this upcoming week and heard that it was pretty intense. From what I understand, it's mostly memorization and just comprehending how the meds affect certain body systems. I intend on probably using flashcards with the info on them. That seems to work well for me. As well as just writing them out several times. I seem to remember better when I write things down. Good luck in your studies!!! If I find anything else that'll help with my studies, I'll try and remember to pass it along to you.
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    Good luck in Pharm, guys! Once you get a system, it really isn't all that bad. Here's where a lot of people go wrong: There are tons and tons of drugs out there, but only a few drug classes. If you try to memorize each drug separately, it's nearly impossible. Instead, try to learn the details of each drug class. It's a lot more digestible that way.

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