Out of program RN to LPN but wants experience as CNA...need respond asap

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    Long story, but yes, I was in the RN program and was dismissed. This fall, I will be doing the LPN program. With this economy, I need to work this summer to get experience or foot on the door as CNA. How will I include this in my resume for CNA? For clinical skills and/or accomplishments, I put all my clinical hours/experience as an RN student. I also put that I know how to do V/S, assessment, insulin administration, peripheral IV insertions, etc.

    Is it appropriate to include this, if so, did I do it right?

    2013 (Fall): License Practical Nursing (Name of School)
    2012: RN Program (Undergrad- (Name of School)
    1999: AAS Business Marketing (Name of School)

    Skills: I have a vast spectrum of knowledge and experience in Medsurg, GeroPsych, Peds, and L&D. Ability to perform nursing skills (such as assessments, vital signs, charting and/or documentations, Peripheral IV insertions, Insulin administrations, etc.).

    Thanks for all the help

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    If you are going to be working as a CNA no one cares that you know how to pass meds, do assessments, or administer insulin. These are not tasks CNA's perform, so you will not be doing them. I would stick to focusing on CNA/tech responsibilities, ADL's, vital signs, IV insertion, CPR certification
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    Thanks for the reply. This are only in addition to the scope of practice for CNA that will be my responsibilities. I only want to include it so I can sell myself much more than the others, and I can think out of the box if any situation I come across with. I also want the employer to know that I am strongly pursuing the RN field while working as a CNA and going to school for LPN

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