Out of program RN to LPN but wants experience as CNA...need respond asap

  1. Long story, but yes, I was in the RN program and was dismissed. This fall, I will be doing the LPN program. With this economy, I need to work this summer to get experience or foot on the door as CNA. How will I include this in my resume for CNA? For clinical skills and/or accomplishments, I put all my clinical hours/experience as an RN student. I also put that I know how to do V/S, assessment, insulin administration, peripheral IV insertions, etc.

    Is it appropriate to include this, if so, did I do it right?

    2013 (Fall): License Practical Nursing (Name of School)
    2012: RN Program (Undergrad- (Name of School)
    1999: AAS Business Marketing (Name of School)

    Skills: I have a vast spectrum of knowledge and experience in Medsurg, GeroPsych, Peds, and L&D. Ability to perform nursing skills (such as assessments, vital signs, charting and/or documentations, Peripheral IV insertions, Insulin administrations, etc.).

    Thanks for all the help
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  3. by   ChristineN
    If you are going to be working as a CNA no one cares that you know how to pass meds, do assessments, or administer insulin. These are not tasks CNA's perform, so you will not be doing them. I would stick to focusing on CNA/tech responsibilities, ADL's, vital signs, IV insertion, CPR certification
  4. by   ners2b
    Thanks for the reply. This are only in addition to the scope of practice for CNA that will be my responsibilities. I only want to include it so I can sell myself much more than the others, and I can think out of the box if any situation I come across with. I also want the employer to know that I am strongly pursuing the RN field while working as a CNA and going to school for LPN