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Online LPN Programs, I have two listed. Are there anymore? - page 2

Hi, I am a soon to be new mom, and my plan if all else fails is to go to a nursing school that starts in June 2005 and will end in July of 2006. They only have a day program, so if I work I want... Read More

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    Dear tchestnutt, That is all very useful information. Thank you so much for sharing with me and the rest of the readers. Cay
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    I graduate from CNA school about 3 years ago and it only took me 3 moths to know that this is not the career for me so I quit and now I'm planning to attend a private LPN school just to become a med distributor and paper writer lololol isn't life a joke??? but all joke aside the pay out here in the State of Ct if great for CNA's it about $ 11.50 p.h for new grad's

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    I empathized with your comments about CNA work. I haven't started working yet (just clinicals) but I hope to obtain an CNA position in the next few weeks. I've been thinking a lot about the low pay and also the LTC environment. I think the only way I'm going to be able to get through it is to think of it as an extension of school and as a learning experience. I thought it would be good for me to work my way through the ranks CNA, LPN, RN. I am still going to do that, but working as a CNA is going to be really hard for me.

    In just the few weeks of LTC clinicals, I've seen enough to know I don't want a career in an LTC. It is more motivation for me to move on to RN ASAP. I love working with the patients, and I even don't mind the "dirty" work. It's just the atmosphere, low pay, and what I see as lack of respect for the CNA and the patients.

    Does anybody have any suggestions about how to upgrade CNA work. There is a need for CNA's because the elderly and disabled need that level of care, but the pay is just insulting.
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    Thanks for the information regarding the LPN online. I have search and ask questions regarding an online program. God will bless you for the information.


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    I have a BA in psy. Tell me more about the on-line LPN program for people who have a degree? :hatparty: I live in Louisiana so how far is this college?