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Nursing major or Chemistry major

  1. 0 Hi everyone!
    I just got accepted into Nursing (RN) program at Evergreen Valley College in CA. Also, I got accepted into Chemistry major at UC Davis. Now, I do not know which major I should go. For Chemistry major, It is hard to find a job with this major if I do not go to Pharmacy or Medical school. For Nursing major, It is easy to find a job than chem major. Also, I have thought another idea. If I go with Nursing major, after I got B.S degree in Nursing. If I can go to Pharmacy school or Medical school, it is very good for me. However, If I do not get accepted into any Grad schools, I can find job with my BSN. Can you guys give some advice what is the best way for me.
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    Ohh you sound like me Chemistry was my third major. I think the answer is pretty much in what you just wrote, since it is hard finding a job in the chemistry field, you mind as well go for nursing. You will have many opportunities vs chemistry. Good luck with your decision.