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  1. I just called to see if the LPN school of my choice, Central School of Practical Nursing in Independence, Ohio, got all my application materials, and they informed me that I was accepted! Yippee! The money isn't all figured out yet, so I'm not 100% good to go, but getting accepted feels great. They said they sent out my acceptance letter today, so hopefully I get it in the mail tomorrow. Wish me luck on the finances?

    I already have a B.S. in anthropological sciences and had a rough time with school. I'm hoping to use what I learned by struggling through to be more successful in nursing school. I'm working my way through Study Smarter, Not Harder right now, and it seems to have a lot of good info. Frankly, my study skills sucked for my anthro degree.
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    First off... CONGRATS!!!! That's wonderful news!! It's very exciting when you get the news you got into your choice school especially nursing!!! 2nd definitely see if there are financial aid options, scholarships etc. this way costs can be cut down and you won't have to pay for everything out of pocket.
    As far as workload/studying goes be prepared there's A LOT. It won't all be memorization, many times you will need to know the information and know how it applies to a given situation/ scenario CRITICALLY THINKING is a huge part of nursing school and a skill you will learn to master! Take your time to understand the information, ask questions as soon as they come up don't let things snowball, and definitely pre-read before classes and lecture this will make a huge impact and really help & most importantly HAVE FUN!!
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    I got a scholarship, direct Stafford loan, and indirect Stafford loan. I'm just waiting to see if a private loan will cover the rest of the cost and some of my living expenses.