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    I've just been accepted an LPN program and me and my family are super excited. I have a 3 yr old and I work full-time, but I know going this course will better our lives. My problem is, every time I turn around I'm being told it's going to be impossible to raise my son (I'm a single mother), work and go to school. I know there's others who juggled everything and still succeeded. It's just got me starting to doubt myself.
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    What ---- take a deep breath! You want this? Do it! Will part of the times ahead be tough? Yup. Keep your eye on the goal....that is one way you keep your motivation. I'm not sure if you have any family or good friends nearby to help with daycare issues etc but if so that will be a blessing especially, and with those you trust, do not be afraid to accept their help!

    Other tips you may read about are --- make your priorities and as much as possible, organize yourself for the year ahead! Spend special time with your child on whatever sort of regular basis you can --- stories and books at night time tuck ins, silly play during his bath time...short trips to the park or to friends homes etc. Then make your study priorities -- based off when you are not working. Do NOT feel guilty giving your child a little less attention during this time -- it is something you are doing for his and your future. Do NOT feel bad that you 'have' to work during your program. If you have to, you have to. There will be other students hopefully you can make some connections with in a similar circumstance as yourself -- maybe even another student mom whom you can be 'study buddies' with or help each other out with rides etc.

    Balance is what you need to aim for -- knowing there will be crazy weeks and days when everything will be way out of balance, then you grab yourself and get things back on track! You are doing something so important! Let those around you see your commitment to making it work, hope they will come alongside and support you as it gets underway...but if they don't, and if you reallllly want this, Do It 110%. It is a finite period of time. It is for a definite goal -- stick to it. And be proud of yourself and happy for your child who will be gaining so much from a mom who took steps to make life more secure, not to mention a happier mom who had a goal and went for it!

    :redpinkheThen you can replace that goal of attaining schooling and your license for getting that first job and gaining experience! And then you can look for the next 'better' job as you decide where to take your career ;o).

    *Huge hugs. Turning points in life aren't about 'easy' -- but they are all about stick-to-it-iveness and maybe just a tiny bit of "I showed 'em" -- now which fork in the road do I want to take next?!! ^-^.

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    I graduated last week with my Lpn diploma, I had no money, and moved 13 hours away from home to do this... I prioritized and wasn't ashamed to get assistance and any help I could, it all worked out! Ppl tell you that you can't do something because someone else told them the same thing. You can do anything, and you will. Good luck and happy studying. I'm available for questions at
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    Helloooooooooo, don't listen to negative people. Even if all that you want to accomplish is impossible ( just saying) .. it is possible if you say it is !!!.

    I just finished nursing school and will graduate in a week, I juggled so many things, wore so many hats and all while raising a 7yo kid that started first grade and needed my help to stay above water in in class. It's not going to be easy, rough road ahead, sacrifices will have to be made, but your determination and how bad you want this will determine your success, not negative people that are too afraid to take a leap with faith.

    Good luck it can be done.
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    Don't doubt yourself, you have to do it, to have a better life for your son and yourself. You will find a way around it. I have 2 kids 6years and 2 years, i work 20 hour a week, my husband works a lot too. I waited 5 years for my parents to come here so i could go to school. I am just finishing the 1st year in nursing school. I am tired of course, but it is very possible to finish it. I have single mothers in my class to and they are doing OK. Do not be shy, ask for of my friends in nursing school, asked her EX-husband that she can't stand to come and watch the kids in the morning, she hates it but she has to do it, she is trying to build a better life for her kids and herself. Nothing is just make it work, and fide a way around it. I wish you good luck, and don't give up i am sure you will regret it. It will be hard, it will hurt, NO-sleep, lots of stress, but there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
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    I just finished my first year of nursing school and will be taking the nclex this summer. That said, my husband works out of town and I have a two year old. Although you feel overwhelmed now, if you really want this then you will make it work out. You will be surprised how many people will step up to help you. This is an amazing opportunity and be proud that you are in the program and wait until you get the opportunity to walk across the stage and get your pin and diploma!! all sacrifices will be worth it. Just make sure you have a couple hours a week that you get to spend with your baby!! Good luck!!
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    i am a single mother in an rn program and i work. something about those of us that strive to be nurses: we are survivors. we do what needs to be done.

    my advice: accept help whenever it's offered, even if it's someone offering to take your son so you can take a day off to do nothing (including study!) you are going to need those.

    and, before you know it, it's over, and you got a kick ass job to provide better for your child and yourself.
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    Congrats on getting in, so why not go for it! yes the road will be tough, I may be in a similar situation, I applied to an ADN program to start in the Fall 2012 (I am waiting on an acceptance/denial letter), I have a 4 year old that will be starting 4k. I am also a single mother. If I listened to what people said I would have not completed my prereqs. If this is your goal and dream then shoot for the stars.
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    Thanks everyone. I've worked my a** off to get to this point. Im gonna give it 110%. It's just discouraging when people try to tell you it's going to be impossible to finish school and support your family. But then I remember, they were never in the program and wouldnt know whats possible or not.
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    Listen I am married with 6kids and I am at the end of yhe second semester of lvm school and my husband is without a job so he is in school also faith is your moto it is lots of single parents in my class and again faith has gotten them through you can do it just know this is for you you will do great and congrats

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