Need help with math problems!

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    Pitocin 15units IV in 250mL LR. Begin a continuous infusion at the rate of 1 milliunit/min. What is the rate in ml/hr?

    NS 3000mL IV for 24h, limit total IV fluids to 3000mL daily, penicillin G potassium 1,000,000 units IV PB q4h in 100mL NS to run for 30 minutes. Drop factor is 10gtt/ml. Configure IVPB flow rate in gtt/min and IV primary flow rate in gtt/min.

    Anyone that can help me work through these problems would be greatly appreciated!

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    What do you have so far?
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    I have nothing with these two! I dont know where to start.
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    How many units per mL, then how many milliunits per mL to start...

    For the second you have a lot of extra information there. Start with figuring out what you need to know to get to the answer. Start by finding mL/hr and go from there.

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