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My intentions with this thread is to share MY journey as a LPN student. Even though we are either in NS, graduated or figuring out if this is for them, we can relate to one another but at the end of the day..Our journey is our... Read More

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    Congrats!!!! I tried to get into monmouth county voc and didn't pass the test! Im going to pine lands great school!! Good luck

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    It's been about a month and a half since I posted. I'm sure as the program progresses I will be posting less and less. But I will certainly try my best.
    So overall the program is great!! My grades are good for the most part with the exceptional missing a test by one point (two of them). But I make up for it on the next test usually. Every single free moment I usually have dedicated to studying. They are NOT playing when they say you have to study ALL the time. Unless you happen to be like one of my classmates who just needs to hear the lecture once and just reads the material once and retains it all. Bless her because I WISH I could do that lol. And she has a small child. Kudos to her!! But I cannot compare MY journey to anyone else's. That's something important for anyone reading this to remember as well. This is YOUR journey. Embrace it.
    As of now the only advice I have is to make sure you do NOT fall behind in any reading. Use your free time wisely. Always read ahead when the instructor lets you know what they will be lecturing on next. That way the material is not foreign to you when you hear it. If you are a highlighting freak like me than use TWO different colors. One for the teacher when she lectures and one when you go back over the material. I do not suggest highlighter when you read beforehand. As it may confuse you more when your teacher is telling you what's most important on the test. I also like to make notes directly in my book when my instructor lectures, this may or may not work for everyone. I also ALWAYS do the workbook that comes with the books, the end of chapter questions, key terms and objectives. I know it may seem like a lot in addition to all that reading but it's part of my studying routine. Which has proved to be very helpful for me and may also be for you.
    I was debating whether or not to get a rolling tote. Books are getting heavier so I think I am going to cave and buy one. I don't have to worry about taking up leg room or being in the way of a fellow student. My only real problem was spending the cash lol.
    I have been trying to save money by bringing lunch every day. This has been very helpful. Minus the last couple of weeks I have spending way too much on eating out so next week I am back to bringing lunch.
    I hope it's normal but some days I feel so burnt out from reading. I think, gosh, could I already be burning out it's so soon??? But once I have started to feel that I took a day to just do something other than nurse related and it helped me refocus and feel better...Than of course I feel guilty because I feel like I should be doing something and than go back to studying lol...
    I hope everyone that started in September is enjoying school. I know I am! Although it's stressful I do not want to forget the reason I am doing this..I just need reminding sometimes lol...
    I start my first real clinical day on Monday. I'm a little nervous but it's all your basic AM care so I think I will be fine. I think I am mainly nervous about speaking with the nurse while I give report. And then when we meet with our instructors and discuss. I am always scared that they will ask me a questions and I won't know the answer to it..This terrifies me because I do not want to look unprepared. Their opinion matters to me and I highly respect them.
    Take care everyone...Even if I don't post here I do read allnurses everday..Usually on breaks. I get a lot of great info from this site. I feel like you cannot go to nursing school and not be a part of this site haha...In any case, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!
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    ^^ Thanks for posting!

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