Middle of 3rd Level.....Ranking ????

  1. I am currently in the middle of the 3rd level of my LPN program and I'm scheduled to graduate the beginning of August. Just curious if any of the other schools give students their rankings as far as academics go. I feel my grades are fairly good, just wondering about the possibility of Salutorian-Valedictorian, and when/if other schools let the students know this information?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You kind of have an idea going through the program who are the top students, partially through over sharing of classmates. (Im not one to announce my grades). I found out my rank the day before graduation and I liked it better that way. Until the end I was challenging myself to achieve my personal best.

    I ended up top of my class after all and it was the icing on the cake after all the hard work. I didn't tell anyone before graduation and it was worth it to see the surprised and proud look on my then 8 year old son's face when it proved hard work & dedication paid off. .
  4. by   amethyst85
    I'm not one to share my grades either but I have been listening to the ones that do and have determined that there may only be one or two that might be doing better, so we'll see. I absolutely love the idea of not telling your son, if in fact I do obtain the honor I believe I won't mention it beforehand to my son who by coincidence is also 8 years old. He's seen how hard I work and the sacrifices we've all made since starting school. Thanks for your reply
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    It was handy to do homework with him. He changed his mind about his "impossible" homework when I offered to trade (pharmacology & dosing calculations, determining safe dose) vs. 3rd grade multiplication & spelling.

    He was duly impressed with the honors I achieved as he said "Mommy's homework was really hard so she can safely help people." The A&P practice came in handy for 4th grade science when A&P was one of the units. He knew all the required bones and muscles from practicing with me, plus I still had access to some of the practice games from my A&P textbook that I let him use to study.