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    I have recently started my second semester of NUR 102 for the Practical Nursing Program at my local community college. I really enjoying being a nursing student, however some of the work can be so overwhelming. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make med cards without taking so much time? I've done 2 so far and it took me about 2 hours for each card. I think I need an Ativan, lol. BTW, I just joined Allnurses a few minutes ago and would like to say hello to all!

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    Are you talking about med. terminology cards? ...My boyfriend bought me a set of med. term cards already made out, there is 1000 of them, I think it has every term in there. Here is a link that will show you what the ones that I have look like...I've been studying them like crazy to get ready for nursing school. They help a lot...Good Luck!!
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    it does take time to look up the information for each drug. that, unfortunately, is how we all have had to learn drugs. there is a formatting program where you can type the information in to a program and it will format and print a med card for you: -'s gateway page into medi-quik construct-a-card.

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