LVN of three years,ask me anything

  1. Hi everyone,
    I decided to post here because I ALWAYS have questions for people who have been there-done that. So if anyone has any questions or wants any advice from someone who has been there, feel free to ask!

    About me:
    Just turned 26,Army wife and mom. Currently waiting to hear back from a BSN program. SWOC certified(Skin wound ostomy care). I have worked in detox,sub-acute and skilled nursing facility.
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  3. by   dbuy3
    Just curious what BSN program are you looking at? I'm about to finish school in a few months and that's my plan. There is a bridge program here in Oklahoma that goes from LPN to BSN with the requirement of one year working as an LPN to apply (along with prereqs of course). That is the one I'm planning on.
  4. by   WonderousIvy
    I'm going to WGU in Texas. I know a few universities in OK offer LVN-BSN I think? are yalls community colleges packed? You could always apply to LPN-ADN