LPN - What classes do you take?

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    I am just wondering what classes you start with for the LPN. Is it A and P? What other classes do you take


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    I start my LPN program in September. I know for the first semester we have A&P 1 and Nursing Fundamentals. My school is 4 semesters long... we also take Pharmacology, Adult Nursing, A&P 2, etc, etc.
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    for my program the prereqs we had to take were A&P, Pharmacology, and Medical Terminology. There was also an optional Microbiology class we could take (it counts for the RN program too and I'm bridging as soon as I finish my last RN pre req) and I took that as well.

    My old college only required A&P and taking and passing (with a highish grade) an entrance test.

    It really depends on the college you attend
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    I am in LPN school in Tennessee. I have been in school for 2 months. For the first trimester we take A&P, Geriatrics, Personal Vocational Relationships, Skills, Common Emergencies, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Drug Calculations, and Intro to Med/Surg. I am in a 12 month accelerated program.
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    i live in ky. we have to take a&p, medical terminology, intro. to computers, cna class, writing 1, human growth & dev. and (drug calculations <--- you don't have to have this class but it helps you with your pharmacology class.) those are my general ed. classes.

    we have to have those before we start our core classes. my core classes are 3 semesters long.

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