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I really just wanted to go the rn route and be finished but we have 4 kids, I'm in home health care and my client isn't sleeping well which means I'm not either! After a lengthy discussion my husband and I feel it's best for me... Read More

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    I plan on doing the same thing, my entrance exam is in 2 weeks. I can't afford to leave work and go to school for that long so I figure breaking it up will be my best bet. A few people told me I was foolish for doing it this way but I figure as long as I do it, there is no wrong way!
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    I'm going to have to do this as well. If I wait to get into the RN program ill be wayyy done with my pre reqs. So I'm going to do Lpn and bridge into RN. I will finish about a year sooner this way. Personally I find this a smarter way to go.

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    Go for it!!! Just make sure your programs are COMPLETE curriculum, and won't max out your financial aid!!! I have been noticing in my area how schools are missing Peds and/or Maternity classes and some who are MORE expensive than RN programs...DO YOUR RESEARCH.

    Also, get help ASAP if you don't understand. If you already a CNA and your struggle and cannot make it in the program, you CANNOT transfer into an RN program, I believe....It may be relative if your prerequisites are good, but I remember a classmate that did not do well, although their prerequisite grades were really good..some RN schools have the thought if you cannot do well in a LPN program, your are going to struggle in the RN program.

    I got my LPN because I had test anxiety and did not pass in RN school the first time. Returned eventually (worked for 7 years) and got my BSN in May. Just giving a dose of reality for someone who's been through the trenches. With that being said, I wouldn't change my path if life for NOTHING! Good luck all !!!
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