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Hey guys...just wondering about LPN programs around country to see how different they all are. First thing I would like to know....I'm in Naples, Florida. Down here, from what I've heard, LPN programs are not allowed to... Read More

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    Quote from JnJTyson
    We just started pharmacology....here's a question...I was speaking with another nursing student from a different school about pharmacology and exams. We have to pass a 100% exam to move on in the program. Meaning, we get a 10 question test, and 5 tries to get a 100% on it. Even if your grade is above an 80% in the general program, if you can't get a 100% on that test..you are booted from the program...anyone else have that in their school? There is also 1 100% in every section you go through after that (Cardio, MS, Resp...)

    So..I'm not worried too much. Been studying hard and maintaining my average...came out of advanced nursing with a 98 average! WOOHOO!! =0)

    Good luck to everyone! =0)
    Our pharmacology class, we had 4 competencies that we had 2 tries to pass with a 90 or better on, anything less than that and you were out of the class. You had to try and come back with the next group coming through.

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    Quote from cgizmo10
    Does anyone know if LPN's in PA draw blood?
    Yes, LPN's in PA are able to draw blood, start IV's....we just can't hang blood, IV med push, and give chemotherapy medication.
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    i just started lpn classes this semester. we have classes 4 days a week from 8-10:30, 2 internet classes, and clinicals on fridays. we have already learned catheters, ng tubes, sterile tech. and next week we are starting injections. the week after we are starting iv's. we are learning alot in the first semester. to pass the course you have to have a 76%. we can only miss one day. in first semester and 3 more days total in last 2 semesters. we have a great lpn course. i love it. i am from arkansas by the way.
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    Quote from JnJTyson
    Hey guys...just wondering about LPN programs around country to see how different they all are.

    First thing I would like to know....I'm in Naples, Florida. Down here, from what I've heard, LPN programs are not allowed to include IV certification classes in the main program. Its a class you have to take after you graduate. Is that the same everywhere else?

    How long is your program? Mine is 3 semesters. I went Feb 23-May 28 of this year. Off for summer and go back August 11 (YAY!) and finish up at the end of May.

    And last but not least....what is the course of study? And how is it graded?
    We have units, must have 80% average or we can't continue. All unit averages are averaged again to get the final...well..average! LOL

    First semester was like this. First 3 weeks were Health Science core..the basic of the basic in the health care...insurance, ethnic nursing, communication, legal..that good stuff.
    the next 3 weeks were CNA program..1 week was clinicals. the next...oh Lordy..forever, was A&P 1, then a week of nutrition and a week of mental health. End o' semester.

    From what I know, next semester we do A&P2 dealing with problems in the system not the basics, pharmocology, MedSurg 1, and a few others...

    Final semester is peds, ob/gyn and 2 weeks of clinical comps where we go 6:45a-2:45p and basically work for the hospital..the nurse evaluates us as well as the instructor.

    OH! One more thing (I know its getting long..but I'm quite interested in the other programs) How large is your class?? We started out with 32!! Lost 12 during A&P and 2 more at other points in class. The acual limit is 28 in public school. Your classes that big?

    Thanks for sharing! I'm quite interested to see the difference in education for the areas in the country! =0)

    Jules...11 days to go!!! YIPEE!!
    This is a really l-o-n-g thread! Took me quite a while to read and I am amazed at how different LPN education is from state to state! No wonder our scopes of practice are so different.
    I went to a hospital based school in Ohio, way back when hospitals were considered to graduate the best nurses. LOL
    It was so long ago that pharmacology was optional in some schools, not ours, we were expected to be the best of the best and our rankings on the NCLEX-PN reflected that.
    It's been something like 28 years so I can't really remember exactly what we took in each semester, but the program was 12 months long with 2 week vacation at Christmas and Easter) with exams to test out of college level English, math, reading comprehension (seems like there were 4 pre-entrance exams, what was the other?) before we were accepted.

    Our pharmacology class did include IVs since at that time, some hospitals allowed LPNs to "do" IVs and others did not. They expected us to be prepared.

    I remember our Med-Surg text book was the same one used at The Good Sam hospital school of nursing (RN) and our OB/gyn text was the same one used at the University of Cinti. (RN). I don't know about the other schools using those same text books, but we had to know the information contained cover to cover.
    We had clinicals 3 days (I think) a week (after we completed fundamentals 1) with class room work before and or after. The intsructors would give us our assingments early enough on Monday so that we could go over to the hospital and research the pt. Then we had until the next morning to have everything about the pt researched and written up. Oh did we ever love it when just one med card from another pt could be used over!
    We were on the floor from 7 - 3:30 and then back to the classroom until 5 or 6 (depending on the day and I don't remember which or why for) - maybe I should take that English test over again! LOL

    Seems like we had to have minimum 80% on each subject but had to have overall average of 85% or 86% to graduate, it's been so long ago, hard to remember.
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    At my school in IN we went Aug to Aug. We learned how to start Iv's etc. But my place of employment also requires us to be IV certified through them, they won't even let RN's deal with IV's unless they are certified. IT was only a day long class to be certified. I am allowed to give IV meds and the whole nine yards, except blood (not sure about it, as we don't hang blood in our LTC facility, although was told at our hosp during clinicals that LPN's can hang blood, don't know if true or not) Crazy how things differ from state to state, or facility to facility

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