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Hello, I live in Brooklyn, but I'm relocating to North Carolina. However the only LPN program without a waiting list and prereqs is ECPI and it cost $20,000. I'm not tie down to move to North Carolina yet but is there any... Read More

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    Quote from hfdguy
    I am in the LPN program in connecticut...

    In CT there are two types of LPN Programs: State-run and private. State run programs have no prereqs, but you must pass a basic math and english test, then go thru an interview. That takes several months. There is no 'waiting list' per sae, but you have to pass the test and wait for the next class. This class costs about $5,000 total...

    The private classes have their own requirements, and cost $25,000...

    (Which one do you think I am enrolled in )

    Hey, Dave I live In ct and to my hunch you are perhap in the New England LPN Program??? Am I correct??? Let me know...

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    i currently am thinking of apply their. and would like to know are books included in the tution and is there an entrance exam?
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    I went to a school in West Virginia that does not have a waiting list. Each year you have to take a test simmilar to the sat and it goes on a point system. The higher the score in each subject area the higher points you get. Things like prior college and medical experiance are extra points but not required. The people with the top points go through a background check and drug test then are voted on be a committee. They ususally accept about 45 people yearly and each year is a totally new chance to get in. They dont have a wait list but some people do have to try for several years to get in depending on their test scores. Luckly I scored high enough and got in on the first try. The only prereqs are medical terminology and math for meds but those are done the month before class actually starts. They give you the books and you have to study indepently in the library for atleast 27 hours total and take tests in June then class starts in July. Then class is 11 information packed months (12 including the month of independant study)and the class progresses at a very rapid pace. You have to score 80% or above in each class to progress to the next level and there is 4 levels. Also you may miss no more than 40 hours throught out the program or you are immediatly dismissed. The school cost is about 4000.00 total and the cost of living in this area is very low compared to most other states.
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    Wilkes Barre Area Practical Nursing Program in Wilkes Barre , PA has no pre-req. Year long program, no waiting list. Lots of financial help

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