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    Has anyone recently been accepted to the Chattahoochee program recently or graduated recently? If so can you please share your gpa/teas test score? So that I can have an idea, thank you in advance.

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    I was accepted into the program beginning next week (January 4, 2010). My TEAS test score was 79.3 and my GPA was 3.35.
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    @bocamuffin thankyou so much my teas score was pretty low 74. something my gpa is 3.7 not sure how they combine score and gpa. Congrats on your acceptance!!!
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    I bet you won't' have a problem at all!
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    Thanks guys giving me so much hope in the pre reqs that they req for program I have a 4.0, still need to take Teas though
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    Hello everyone. I want to let everyone know how fantastic this program is at Chatt North Metro Campus. The teachers are extremely helpful and so eager to teach and so intelligent, no question goes unanswered. I currently attend and I worked really hard to get in 4.0 gpa 82 teas. I am excited everyday I attend my classes and enjoy clinicals. I recommend this program at this school and campus. You will enjoy it. Thanks to every teacher at Chattahoochee North Metro LPN program, you are truly a blessing.
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    Thanks for a minute i was upset i didnt make it but i will apply again next week. Im retaking my math to turn the B into an A that would give me a 4.0 andtaking teas again to raise my 74 im so eager. Enjoy and share your experience!
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    Looks like i will be going to the chatt north metro campus this fall for the lpn program!!!! Finally i got in!!!
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    If you don't mind me asking LadyCandy, what was your GPA and teas score? I'm looking to apply for their Winter (January 2011) program and I am trying to figure out if I will be competitive. Also, do you know how many applicants applied and how many they accepted for Fall?
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    @mgeiger my teas score was 78.7/gpa 4.0 and i am not sure how many applicants applied. Not sure how many applicants and for the fall they accepted 60 students 30 for south cobb campus/ 30 north metro campus.

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