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    Hello. Need a lil help. I have made it through the TEAS exam at the WFL Boces in NY and I am just a little nervous on the interview part. Is there anyone who has or who is attending the WFL LPN program this fall and has gone through all the steps? Please help. I'm going crazy :spin:

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    I just got accepted into the program at western suffolk boces< the interview is nothing to be worried about. you have to write an essay on what qualities should a nurse posess??? the interviewer wil ask, why did you choose nursing?? what do u do in your spare time?? how will your schedule be once you enter the nursing program??
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    Oh....well if that's all then thats a piece of cake. Now does all the Boces operate the same as far as the whole LPN program or not really sure?
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    im not sure
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    another student recently posted this:
    • here is what they asked me at the admission interview:
      • what type of qualities do you possess that would make you a good nurse?
      • describe a situation where you showed compassion and sympathy for another individual.
      • describe a situation where you were on a tight deadline and how did you handle it.
      • what is your worst characteristic?
      • what is your best quality?
      • is there any characteristic you would change, have you tried changing it?
      • what do you think a nurse does?
      • where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    i recognize these questions from a question bank i have to elicit desired behavior and personality traits, so that is what those questions are looking to bring out.

    i have recommended that students read this website and understand exactly what an lpn does: http://stats.bls.gov/oco/ocos102.htm - about lpn nursing from the u.s. department of labor

    this website talks about the top 10 qualities of a great nurse: http://www.nursingschools.com/guidan...ng-top-10.html

    because this is similar to a job interview (you will constantly be evaluated in school for information to be given to potential employers for your first job recommendation) i would also advise:
    • do not talk about your personal self or try to show off.
    • do not show your superiority in the situation.
    • do not show your agreement or disagreement with the things an interviewer says.
    • do not compare yourself with other candidates.
    • don't let them trick you into participating in gossip. don't respond to gossip.
    • do not interrupt the person you are with without reason.
    • do not use or talk about technology you don't understand or know anything about. just admit you've never worked with that equipment before.
    • do not talk about irrelevant things
    • do not volunteer information until you are asked for it.
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    well all i have to do is go for it then. I was told that it's not actually a face to face interview. I have to go back to BOCES on July 18th
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    good luck!!! i had a face to face interview with one of the professors
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    thank you.....good luck on finishing the program!!!!
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    well keep me posted once you get in< we can share our experiences
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    oh yes definetely. I hope I do get it. I'm new to this so if I post this somewhere else do you think I'll get more responses?

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