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Just started MED SURG B

  1. 0 Just started MED SURG B. I am in a 13 month program we do block sections it's so hard to switch teachers and styles and format! Very stressful then you get used to a teachers teaching style expectations and it changes every time!

    How do you keep sane and positive??!!
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    I am not sure we can stay sane and positive in this particular type of program. I am getting myself ready for the mind-numbing challenge of just plodding through regardless of emotions...
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    Glad I am not alone... In my program it seems like each teacher has a completely different philosophy. And don't get me started on rounding rules for drug calculations. Omg! I keep telling my self I'm half ways through. But I wanna scream. It's taken the joy outta learning for me at the moment.

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