Just accepted into LPN school! Advise :)

  1. 0 I was accepted into a LPN program and will begin May 1, 2013. Super excited! Any advise/tips on school, studying, program in general? Thanks
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    Study study study!!! And when in doubt ask questions
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    I had to study 4-5 hours a night...you will have to put your life on hold for a year but it will be worth it...I love being a nurse! Don't freak over the tests! Just study hard and ask questions until you understand it...the teachers are there to teach you...make them!
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    Congrats! I am waiting to hear if I got in mine that starts in May as well. But it is 2 years (well, 4 semsters). I couldn't find a one year program in GA!!!
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    Congrats I graduate in June and has been going since July 2012, maybe sure u study hard, ask questions And apologize to your friends and family now that for the next year you'll need to be selfish with time because its not easy, goodluck!!
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    Thank ya'll!

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