January Lpn start?!? - page 3

Im sooo excited starting11 month lpn program Jan 7 in Michigan and I can't wait. Who else is Jan start? How long is ur program? R u nervous? Excited?... Read More

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    Quote from enfynite
    Hey Michigan future nurses! Roll call! What school are you in?
    Kcc in Michigan second semester

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    Hope everyone had an awesome first week who started on the 7th. My week went by in a blink of an eye.. Definitely sleep deprived and plenty if homework but it will be worth it! My teachers and classmates are awesome. Its Going to be an amazing 13 months! I have to agree on the rolling back pack. That is a definite must have!
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    Going Grand Rapids community college first semester!!!
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    I'm in Kentucky and I start an 18 month program tomorrow! So nervous!
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    Hope everyone is doing well in their studies! There's a lot of information being thrown at us at one time but its all going to be worth it when we're finished! Everyone remember why you wanted this when the going get rough! Ok just wanted to encourage everyone (and myself). Off to bed

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