I just quit my practical nursing program going for OT

  1. I give praises to all the nurses and future nurses, but it just wasn't for me. I started the practical nursing program in the summer and 6 months later I decided to quit. I gave it my all and just coudn't take it. I usually don't quit, but just didn't see myself doing this in the future.

    I loved class time, had a high "B" average, but just hated clinicals. I love talking to my patients, getting to know them w/o feeling rushed. I feel like I can't do that as a nurse. You are constantly in and out of the rooms, giving meds, changing IV bags, on your feet 12 hours or more a day, rush rush rush. I noticed that my personality was changing. I started to ignore my patients when they wanted to chat. I just didn't have time. Between looking at charts, changing their briefs, looking up meds, writing nursing notes. If it's like this with one patient, how is it when you have 6 at a hospital or 25 at a nursing home?

    I experienced the clinical side to it, but is it always like this? Does it get better?
    So I decided to pursue OT. That was my original plan, but dropped it because it seems so difficult to get into. I live near FGCU and that's the only school near me that offers the OT program. I have a BA in history, my undergrad GPA is a 2.3 (very low, didn't take school seriously back then) My pre-reqs GPA so far is a 3.3. Need to take my GRE's and it seems like that will determine if they will even look at my application. O

    Oh.. so much to think about. Is there anyone out there in the same boat as me? Maybe I should post this on another blog site.

    Staring again, but not giving up.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    In case you do not get accepted into an OT program, perhaps you could consider the COTA program (certified occupational therapy assistant). It's a 2-year associate degree program and they earn about as much, if not more, than most LPNs.
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    I'm currently almost done with PN program & I do agree with you but for me this is just something I love to do. We live close by bcz FGCU is near my area, the best of Luck to you. In case of anything going differently, my sister just started her COTA program at Keiser University in Ft Myers & she loves it.
  5. by   GardenRose
    Thanks all for the advice. I will look into that route.
  6. by   GardenRose
    Hi. I was looking more into the OTA program at Keiser. Is everything still going well for your sister? I am planning to go there , but I keep on reading mixed reviews about Keiser in general. Thanks