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This has probably been asked a LOT, but I thought I would just ask it anyway - how many of you will go on to get your RN and how soon?? I plan to start right after I get my LPN and do the RN course work a little at a time.... Read More

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    Quote from strings85

    Are the online programs generally cheaper, or more expensive? I've only been looking up brodge programs at local colleges since moving is out of the question as of right now.
    That's a good question that I honestly don't have an answer to lol the main online school I was looking at was Allegheny college of Maryland (board certified in PA,DE,and MD I believe..I live in PA) but I really.didn't see anything.on pricing though I didn't look.that hard because Im more focused at.the moment but.will call all program curriculum,pricing,prereqs,etc. Are different so an advisor your best best..good luck! Let me out

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    Providing that I pass my LVN program ( was confident until Pharm!) I was planning on going on to getting my RN asap. Lately I have been thinking about maybe getting my prereqs for medical school out of the way and just working as an lvn until I become a doctor. I still have until November to decide so we'll see then!
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    I got into LPN program in Fall 2007, finished in May 2009. Took and passed NLCEX-PN June 2009, worked as LPN at a clinic this whole time. Immediately started working on RN pre-reqs Fall 2009, got into LPN to RN bridge pogram Fall 2011 and just graduated with ADN this past December 2012. Just passed NCLEX-RN 2 weeks ago. Will continue to work at same clinic for now. Most of my classmates are going on for BSN, I am not. I need a break and Im not sure if I even want to go back (its been a long journey-Im exhausted from nursing school and school in general, the thought of writing another paper makes me want to vomit!), and I also need to pay down this student loan I just took out for LPN to RN. Alot of my LPN classmates went back for RN as well.
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    At this point, I honestly don't know. My friends are pushing me to go RN after this but because we only have BSN that would mean another 3 years of school after my 2 years of LPN. Now, if they do get the program offered in our town, that would make the decision a little easier. Driving and hour and a half, every day, all year long, might be my undoing.
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    Would love too, but that depends on graduating from this LPN program.
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    I graduated from my LPN program, May 2009
    Passed boards July 2009,
    started working October 2009
    Started RN pre- recs January 2010
    Just started a 2 year RN program, not bridge
    Then BSN, NP, DNP- I hope
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    Yes--in the process now. Graduated and passed NCLEX-PN in 2011, completed an A.S in psych, all BSN GE courses and ended up in a bridge to ADN in January. Anticipated graduation is 2014. If all goes well and I pass NCLEX-RN (God willing) I will roll into my BSN with 21 credits to go toward the later part of 2014.

    I am truly grateful to have made it this far. Crossing my fingers that the rest goes smoothly.
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