Hondros for the Spring?

  1. 0 Hey Ya'll! I'll be starting my first day of PN program April 8th at Hondros in West Chester, Anyone else???
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    I am also going April 8 Cleveland campus I'm exited
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    yay! Congrat's! I got even more excited after the student orientation, I cant wait to start! GOOD LUCK!
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    Good luck to you to
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    And congrats
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    I am in my last quarter of the PN program at Hondros in Dayton and I would highly discourage anyone from attending. I feel like the quality of my education has been great, however, they are deceitful about money/costs to get people to attend, they do not allow you any flexibility to save money (no option to buy used books and require you to buy their laptops), credits will not transfer anywhere, and they have a poor reputation with surrounding healthcare facilities. Miami Valley would not even hire me as a PCT once they found out I was attending Hondros. The hiring manager directly told me that she will not hire Hondros students. I believe part of the reason for the poor reputation is their lack of accreditation from anywhere but the OBN.
    I know a nurse who went through her RN at Hondros, but now has to wait to get her BSN until she can pay for it out of pocket because Hondros is so expensive it used up all of her financial aid and loans in 2 years.
    Not trying to scare either of you or put a downer on things, but just trying to warn you of some things to think about. Like I said, I can't complain about the education I got.

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