Hi! Interested in becoming an LPN.

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    Hello everyone! I'm currently a senior at a high school. I haven't decided on what career to pursue. I narrow my choices down to nursing and social work. My passion is to help individuals,and be able to make a difference in their lives. How hard is LPN school? I'm a little afraid that I won't be able to handle the workload, and be stressed out tremendously. Math is just not my subject, I'm having trouble just trying to comprehend basic algebra, nursing requires a bit of math. Additionally, I'm not great at science either. I'm torn between the two. Any suggestions?

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    oh, I am male and gay. I would prob face challenges and criticism along the way.
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    Hey Ryan. I'll tell you- coming from being a male and also gay, you should decide what you want to do regardless of whether or not it will be include challenges and criticism. I have been through nursing school twice- as a CNA becoming an LPN and an LPN becoming an RN. In both instances, we all were so consumed with helping each other achieve success no one cared if I was gay or not. I made **LIFE LONG** friends in nursing school as I suspect you will too. Math is minimal- you'll learn how to convert weights, calculate doses, and if you can add and subtract, multiply and divide, you will do great!
    If you have any specific questions, please do NOT hesitate to email me @ nurseguybri@gmail.com OR Private message me on allnurses.com.

    Good luck!
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    OH - and I received my first bachelor's degree in Psychology and Social Science- so I have a little background there too (I still ended up in nursing, lol)... - BRIAN
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    Been in my program for a month. Hate math like you don't know what. It's basic math. I'm shocked that I'm getting it. You'll be fine.
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    Quote from NurseGuyBri
    OH - and I received my first bachelor's degree in Psychology and Social Science- so I have a little background there too (I still ended up in nursing, lol)... - BRIAN
    What made u switch to nursing ?
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    Honestly, Money. I already knew I enjoyed being around people and helping people, but there wasn't enough $$ in Psych or social science around here. I met my current boyfriend (5 years now) who was in nursing school and I followed suit. He's now in a Health Administration program (wants out of nursing), and I am now an RN and Nursing Director. I NEVER thought I'd love nursing this much, and every day I'm thankful for the change. I'm also *very* glad I became an LPN first. The experience of the ranks is invaluable.

    In Psych/ social sciences, for me (personal opinion) there is no real evidence of the "good" that you do. Also, it's a repetitive job. In nursing, the gratification is immediate and it's different every day. Your patient improves, smiles, thanks you, etc. Now, dont get me wrong- many patients yell, scream, and throw stuff at you. Yeah, even poop. But- in the end you know that you're there for a reason, and the end result at the end of every day is the same- I have helped, whether they know it or not.

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