help! NANDA prioritizing

  1. I need some help....I seem to always have my NANDA's prioritized wrong on my care plan

    1-Acute Pain
    2-Impaired Skin Integrity
    3-Impaired Physical Mobility
    4-Risk for infection- and I get this is usually one of the last ones but my pt. had a LOT of blisters right by his incision site and a few were broke open.
    6-Sedentary lifestyle
    7-Ineffective health maintenance-I picked this one bc my pt is unwilling to quite smoking/drinking to help improve his health

    so, my question is...are those in the right order?? Please help me. Your help would be greatly apperciated

    Thank You
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  3. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    When Prioritizing, always use ABC's (airway, breathing, and circulation), then Maslow's Heirachy of needs, hopes this helps and I would need more info in order to answer your question.