HELP! is a LVN certificate really necessary?

  1. A question popped into my head: Is a LVN certificate really necessary in order for me to get my RN/ BSN?

    Here is what I was thinking: if I get my LVN for 28k, and I decide to pursue an RN, i would still be in the same pool of peole who do not have their LVN but yet, are applying to the RN program. And at community colleges, it might be a lottery system. Also, in order to qualify to apply to the RN program, I would still have to take the same amount of prereq's and GE classes.

    Since my grades are horrible now, shouldn't I just go to a new community college and start a new transcript there and strive for better grades and apply to a CSU directly?

    Let's see about the amount of time it would take to complete each:
    a1) LVN program - 13 months
    a2) prereq's - 1 to 1.5 years
    a3) RN program - 1 year?
    total: 4 years

    b1) retake all prereq's and SOME GE- 2 years
    b2) let's say I get accepted into a CSU, it will take at least 3 years to complete the program for a BSN
    total: 5 years

    so even though the second way takes longer, but the degree i will come out with is much better.

    can someone let me know if this is correct? and also give me their insight on pursing a LVN? and just some idea's. thank you!!!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    No, not necessary. However, some people do use an LPN license to help them get into an RN program by way of an LPN to RN transition program. Sometimes it is an easier route. The short answer is that you need to explore all options available to you and go with what is going to work best for you. One benefit of getting an LPN/LVN license along the way, is that you can always use it to work as an LPN/LVN, whether or not you are able to complete an RN program.
  4. by   Woodenpug
    If you had trouble with the nursing prerequisites, I think you will have a lot of trouble with LVN school. Getting a license in vocational nursing is no cake walk.

    Starting a new transcript at a new CC is dishonest. Likely, you will not do better in any case.

    I would suggest the LVN route, that will keep you busy long enough to realize that perhaps you should make another career choice.