Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts

  1. 0 I am starting the LVN program at Gurnick Academy of Medical arts Jan. 2012 and I'm a bit nervous . Can anybody give me advice on how to prepare for this class? I am starting my pre-reqs and then the program starts on April 2, 2012.

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    I am starting at Gurnick also!! Do you have orientation next week?
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    yes! my orientation is Jan. 4th and my pre-reqs start jan. 9th, I'm nervous because I am bad at math but I think I can do it.. what are you doing to prepare for the class?
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    Yep those are my dates also! I too suck at math. When I enrolled I received a packet with some math review probkems. Did you receive it? That's what I have been using to prepare so far. Have you done anything to prepare for the class?
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    I also got the packets and I'm just studying them. are you doing morning or night classes?
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    Cool! Morning classes. How about you?
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    I'm doing morning classes also
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    I was wondering how you both are doing in this program. I am meeting with an Admin. Rep. next week. I have decided to go the LVN route first then work on my RN down the road. Are you liking the teachers? How is the morning program working out for you? Do you have many weekend clinicals? I would love some feedback! Thanks!
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    How are you liking the program? I am thinking about starting the morning program in Jan 2013
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    I am start starting module 2 after my break and that's when we start clinicals 3 times a week. I really like the program and the instructers but it's very hard. I don't work and I can't imagine working While in this program. Good luck !
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    Thanks for responding. I will have to work unfortunately while in the program. I also have a two year old. I wonder if I am in over my head. My husband is super supportive. I liked the schedule. I think they told me it was from 9-3 and 6-3 for clinicals. Is that about right? Is there quite a bit of homework?
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    There's a lot of people that have kids and work too in my class and they can do it. It's going to be a little harder and your just going to have to study as much as you can. And yes clinicals is 6-3. There is a lot of homework when you start module 1. And you have a test 3 times a week
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    I wanted to ask you hows the LVN program? was it hard to get in the school?
    I'm thinking about applying but i need to do the pre reqs first.

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