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I am starting the LVN program at Gurnick Academy of Medical arts Jan. 2012 and I'm a bit nervous :uhoh3:. Can anybody give me advice on how to prepare for this class? I am starting my pre-reqs and then the program starts on April... Read More

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    Thanks for responding. I will have to work unfortunately while in the program. I also have a two year old. I wonder if I am in over my head. My husband is super supportive. I liked the schedule. I think they told me it was from 9-3 and 6-3 for clinicals. Is that about right? Is there quite a bit of homework?

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    There's a lot of people that have kids and work too in my class and they can do it. It's going to be a little harder and your just going to have to study as much as you can. And yes clinicals is 6-3. There is a lot of homework when you start module 1. And you have a test 3 times a week
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    I wanted to ask you hows the LVN program? was it hard to get in the school?
    I'm thinking about applying but i need to do the pre reqs first.
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    I am wanting to know what does the financial aid cover? I am on a very limited income so I am wanting to know can it cover all the tuition?

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