Good LPN Schools in Northern Virginia?

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    What is a good LPN school to attend in Northern Virginia. I have been doing some research and it seems as if Standard Health Care Services is the best I have came across due to their passing rate.

    Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   amelia_sn
    Did you find a school?

    I went to Standard Healthcare from April '11 to July '11. I was in a terrible car accident and was not allowed to return to school for at least three months. (fractured pelvis) I tried to contact the director and my instructor and even after at least twenty emails and phone calls I finally gave up. To this day I have gotten no response. I'm applying to nursing schools across the state line now, because Northern Va schools are much too expensive. ECPI's tuition is $29,000 to go to school for 14 months. Seriously? I can go to a school in West Virigina for $4,000 plus the cost of books. Be very careful of which schools you look into. I was warned and didn't listen but the entrance exam and Standard Healthcare should've told me. The website says they require the NET exam. I took a four page test with two mini stories, and two pages of math that included about 5 questions on fractions and 5 on percentages. That is not an entrance exam.

    I hope you were successful in your school hunt! Please just be careful of which school you invest your money in, and make sure its worth it! Let me know if you have any questions, or found any other great schools!
  4. by   cook78
    Did you try Fairfax or Prince William county ? Health & Medical Sciences
    There is also the Medical Education Campus of Northern Virginia Community College. I know a couple of people who went to Global and they say to definately avoid that one. Good Luck in your search !
  5. by   HAR 123
    Do you have any up to date info on Standard Healthcare? I am looking into this school very seriously before I enroll. I had two school in mind this one and Comprehensive Health Academy.