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General anesthesia for hysterectomy?

  1. 0 Does ANYONE know what meds are usually given for general anethesia?
    I'm trying to do a little research before clincials Monday and so far I am coming up with nothing.
    Can anyone please help?
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    Are you looking for pre-op medications administered by nursing or the heavy duty anesthetics administered by the CRNA or anesthesiologist?

    Nursing will handle the pre-op medications such as a sedative, and other medications related to the surgery (GI surgery gets certain cocktails, some open procedures get IV antibiotics). The induction drugs, paralytics, and anesthetics are determined by a combination of factors--the length of the procedure, type of procedure, patient's anesthesia risk score/co-morbid conditions, respiratory status, physician preference or hospital formulary.
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    Here's a general article from medscape: Medscape: Medscape Access (not sure if this one requires you to sign in, but if it does the 'membership' is free and it offers a lot of free resources)

    Anesthesia, General - procedure, recovery, blood, tube, pain, complications, adults, time, operation, medication, heart, cells, types, risk, children, nausea, rate, Definition