1. Hello! I just started my 2nd semester for LVN school 2 1/2 weeks ago & we've hit the ground running! I had two tests (in OB & Pedi) this last which I failed (in the 60's). This is a first for me & to say the least I'm a bit worried. I never wanted to start off on a bad foot & now I'm going to have to make it up through each exam.

    Does anyone have any pointers for these 2 classes or just words of encouragement?! This is by far my hardest semester & I certainly don't want to screw it up!
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  3. by   libran1984
    I failed Peds/OB and when I retook, I almost failed again (with only 12 points to spare). Oddly, my NCLEX had tons of peds and a few OB questions that I found invaluable to have had been a repeat PEDS/OB student.

    I had almost hundreds of flashcards that i used to study and dedicated hours to studying. I found lecture completely pointless since it was reading directly off the powerpoint.

    I'm trying so hard to think of study tips.

    If I could think of anything, I might recommend taking practice ATI tests. I seem to remember several ATI test questions popping up in the real tests for my classes.
  4. by   jonaaathan
    just try to stay positive. if you go into each exam worrying about failing, then you've lost half the battle. to boost your confidence and ability retain the material you learn in class, try reviewing your lecture/notes within 24 hours -- our minds just seem to work better when we do that. i made a table of the gestational weeks and what changes occur in both mommy and baby. with that table, i also made note of which tests can be done on either mommy or baby.

    like libran1984 said, flash cards. they do wonders for knowing diseases/conditions. on one side have the disease/condition. and on the other: what the disease or condition is, signs & symptoms, what causes it, and possible treatments.

    keep your head up and good luck with the rest of your semester!