1. Are there anyyyyyy students here from four d college? If so, i have questions please respond.
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  3. by   dark40
    hello, just was wondering is there anyone starting in the october class at four d college? if so, i have questions. thanks in advance.
  4. by   Cecilia85
    i also would like info on this school
  5. by   Cecilia85
    no responses??
  6. by   angiedhutch
    I too am trying to fina ANYTHING RECENT about 4 D college (victorville campus) I've only seen bad but all from a few years ago, nothing on here from 2012 and I can't get this thing to let me post. I wrote about 3 paragraphs a min. ago and it deleted before I could submit. Now it only lets me respond! Did you end up going? I am very sad that I am forced with this decision as I have begun working on my pereq.s for RN but realize I must quit. I am 50 yrs. old and having to learn a new trade due to calif. budget cuts. WIA will support me in a vocation program but only a few thousand dollars toward training..the rest would come from me. I heard 4 D keeps all the Pell and eats it all up so that you won't have anything left for a bridge program later (RN) anyways. Either this or cna/hha training that will leave me making just above min. wage from what i've read. Is this true? Anyone out there know true pay scales for cna/hha and lvn's? Will LVN jobs be around for the next 20 years (About how long I have left on this earth to work....I hope.) Thanks alot, from Victorville The job I was laid off from was as a as a correction officer at a private prison( that was shut down due to calif. contract cancellation) paid me 17.00 hrly and that was hard to get by on, afraid cna will just be impossibe. Does anyone in their 50's actually become cna's anyway? Isnt that for the very young high school grads? Won't I be ridiculed? Even employable at all in that capacity? ALSO,anyone know if EDD will extend unemployment benefits in some cases still? I know about the cut backs recently but am hoping that in some situations they may still help? Hard to commit to training and debt without knowing if you can finish! Thanks alot for any input at all.