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Okay. So I was attending a community college and decided I didnt want to attend anymore due to a certain situation and decided to go to Concorde. I got a letter saying I had to pay back some money... Read More

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    I had a problem like this. Attended a community college and had to drop classes. I ended up owing $608. I enrolled at another school a semester later and was issued a pell grant without a problem. The amount you owe is school specific, you wont be able to get a pell grant at that school but you will be fine at another school. I of course ended up paying the money back (took me 8 months) but in the mean time I was able to enroll in another school a few miles away and was fine. The school you own the money to will hold on to your transcripts until the debt is paid. And don't wait too long to pay it or I believe they will report it on your credit and that's not good.

    Also, you might be able to petition to be reinstated. Usually what you have to do is petition to be reinstated, go one semester without pell grant, then the following year or semester you will be fine. I have had two friends who did this as they were unable to afford to make payments.

    Also I have never heard of then not allowing a payment plan. They will take payments, granted you won't be able to receive a pell grant while you are making payments (at that school) but trust me, they wont turn down a payment.

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    Thanks alot. That made me feel even better. But idk why they told me that I coulnt do a payment plan.

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    They are partially correct. You CANT do a payment plan and get a pell grant at the same time. You can however make payments and NOT receive a pell grant until it is paid in full. Basically, no money until you pay the debt...well at that school anyway

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