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Financial Aid (Pell Grant Lifetime Limit) Question

  1. 0 So as many of you may know they just passed new legislation that you only get 600% of Pell grant before you reach your lifetime limit. I just discovered that after I complete my LVN program my lifetime limit will be reached. With this new information I have decided to skip the BSN program and just complete my BA in Communications (I am only 3 classes away) and then applying directly to a PA program (found out you just need the Biology, Anatomy, Chem and Micro (which I have) and a BA in ANYTHING.

    The school were I am going to do my 3 classes and a Psych class (also required for the PA program) is a Cal State School and runs $4k for the semester. Since I no longer qualify for the pell grant does this mean I also no longer qualify for the Cal Grant, SUG Grant and FSEOG grant?

    Someone who already have a BA in something else but went back to complete a BSN might know the answer to this question since after a BA you no longer qualify for the pell grant anyway. Do you receive any other grants?
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    You have to still fill out the FAFSA and contact the Financial Aid department at the school I am in the same boat as you but I have met my max on Grants and Loans but I can still get the Texas state grant at the school. Hope this helps...
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    Awesome! Thanks

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