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Iam dreading math for my upcoming lpn program at mci in va beach va,i am so bad when it comes to math ,i think i will do fine overall but my biggest fear is failing math....does anyone no what kind of math i will be dealing with... Read More

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    Thank you all, im feeling very good and confident with all the great advice.

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    Dosagehelp.com really helped me throughout school.
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    I'm horrible at math but did fine. As others have said they will show you but there are also some good websites. Know your unit conversions, everything is metric. We have to take a test every week for dosage calculations and must get overall 80% and as I said I am horrible in math and only got one wrong the whole semester.
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    That's great. Gives me some confidence to hear that. I think the key is to practice a few math problems everyday so it doesnt leak out of your brain. Lol
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    Thanku all
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    Use this websites it is nursing students it breaks down his to the calculations. www.dosagehelp.com
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    How to do the calculations.
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    It is for nursing students
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    Your math will be dosage calculations it's easier then you think once you know the formula it is really easy you will start with basic math like fractions real easy I just started pharmacology and so far no math we do more math in nur102 I'm at ecpi Lpn program in Newport News va you will do great

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